Alan S. Peterson, MD, American Lung Association of the Mid-Atlantic

Alan S. Peterson

Over the decades, Alan S. Peterson, M.D., has used his position as Director of Community and Environmental Medicine and Associate Director of Family Practice Residency, with Lancaster General Health, in Pennsylvania, to advocate in the media and public forums for all manner of public health initiatives. He is a tireless promoter of immunization, including influenza immunization. His car carries the message, “R U Immunized” wherever he goes. He has championed smoke-free public places as long as decades ago when they were not yet the norm. Of course, he counsels his patients concerning smoking. And recently, he has become a fan of the Red Carriage theme of the Healthy Air Campaign.

Dr. Peterson is an inspiration to any medical professional serving in the role of promoting community and environmental health. He is the embodiment of what a public health physician should be about. In addition to his work in community and environmental medicine and in the training of medical residents, Dr. Peterson is a full-spectrum family practice physician at Lancaster General Health’s Walter L. Aument Family Health Center, a community-based health center with a strong emphasis on preventive care through health screenings, education and counseling. In the course of his work with populations at all socioeconomic levels, Dr. Peterson strongly encourages his patients who smoke to become nonsmokers. Lancaster General Health has been a decades-long partner with American Lung Association in its use of the Freedom From Smoking® program.

Dr. Peterson speaks authoritatively yet with a compassion that is very effective at making his message real and personal for people. He has a huge storehouse of cases from which to draw, so he can always give real-life examples of whatever point he may be making by saying, “I have patients that…” He can also give you a putative diagnosis for the baby whose cough stars in the Red Carriage ad!