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Tell Congress: No Backroom Deals for Tobacco and Polluters

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Call your members of Congress today!

Please take a few minutes to make a big difference. Call your 2 U.S. senators and 1 U.S. House member today and ask them to oppose backroom deals that will benefit polluters and the tobacco industry at the expense of our health.

How to Call Your 3 Representatives in Washington

Find the names and phone numbers of your elected officials in Washington by visiting and typing in your zip code.

What to Say When you Call

  • My name is [INSERT NAME] and I'm calling from [INSERT NAME OF CITY/TOWN].
  • I'm calling to urge [Senator [NAME]/Representative [NAME]] to oppose all riders on spending bills.
  • I'm especially concerned about riders that would harm our health by weakening protections against tobacco and air pollution.
  • Can I count on [Senator [NAME]/Representative [NAME]] to oppose dangerous riders on spending bills?
  • Thank you.

Quick Background

It's Congress' job to pass bills to fund the federal government. But some members of Congress are taking advantage of the process. They want to attach dangerous policy provisions—called riders—to these important bills that would benefit polluters and the tobacco industry. We need you to call on your 3 members of Congress to oppose these backroom deals.

Learn more:

  • What the Heck Is a "Rider"?
    This summer, we saw scores of riders added to proposed funding bills. Learn exactly what a rider is and how many of them would endanger our health by cutting protections for the air we breathe.
  • Stop the Cigar Lobbyists' Back Room Deal
    The tobacco industry has gotten away without being accountable to anyone for so many years – thanks in large part to their buddies in Congress – they think they should continue to do so today. And that's what the tobacco industry is trying to do now with not one but TWO parasitic riders.

Why It's Important


  • Weaken or block FDA's new rule to protect kids from all tobacco products, including cigars and e-cigarettes, by "grandfathering" in all existing e-cigarettes, cigars, hookah, pipe tobacco, and cigarillos. This would mean that tobacco manufacturers would not have to test their products or prove to FDA that the products won't further harm public health.
  • Another rider – added at the behest of the cigar industry – would block the entire rule giving FDA authority over e-cigarettes, cigars, hookah, pipe tobacco, and cigarillos.

Air Pollution

  • Prevent the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from protecting the public from pollution from the oil and gas industry, including methane (which causes climate change) and carcinogens
  • Make it easier to burn biomass for electricity, which has dangerous air pollution impacts

Invite a Friend!

The more people Congress hears from, the more they'll listen. Invite your friends and family to take action.

And join the conversation on social media—use the hashtag #NoRiders.

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