Epidemiology & Statistics

The American Lung Association Epidemiology and Statistics Unit monitors trends in lung disease and behavioral risk factors. They are responsible for conducting analyses of raw data from government surveys available through the National Center for Health Statistics and other agencies to develop reports on lung disease mortality, prevalence, hospitalization, economic costs and risk factors. 

  • Trend Reports are data-rich and intended for professional audiences as they provide more in-depth statistics than our other lung disease reports.
  • Publications provide statistics and general information on important lung health issues and are mostly intended for public audiences, although they can be valuable resources to professionals as well.
  • Additional data on lung disease topics can also be found using our Lung Disease Finder.

Trend Reports



The numbers in this document reflect the estimated prevalence and incidence of lung disease within each Lung Association area, and not the actual number. These estimates are based on the national incidence and prevalence estimates applied to the age-specific population of each area; no adjustments are made for any other factors that may affect the actual local prevalence. When citing this information, please be careful to ensure that the nature and derivation of these estimates are understood.