Requests and Reporting Forms

Submit Pre-Award Materials

Download our Check Requisition Form, Terms and Conditions

Applicants who have been awarded are required to provide a letter of acceptance of the award on institutional letterhead, organizational assurances (IRB, IACUC, IBC) and a check requisition form indicating payment information. Find out how to submit form.

Submit an Annual Renewal Report/Application

Download our Renewal Application Form (varies by grant mechanism)

  • Lung Health Dissertation Grant
  • Senior Research Training Fellowship
  • American Lung Association/AAAAI Allergic Respiratory Diseases Award
  • Biomedical Research Grant
  • Clinical Patient Care Research Grant
  • Dalsemer Research Grant
  • Lung Cancer Discovery Award
  • Social-Behavioral Research Grant

Renewal applications are due on April 1. This report will dictate an awardee’s progress and will be used to determine their eligibility for additional years of funding. Find out how to submit form.

Request a Transfer to Another Institution

Download our Transfer Application Form

Transfer of an award from one institution to another requires approval by the American Lung Association and is approved on a case to case basis. Unexpended funds must be returned to the American Lung Association within 45 days of a transfer request and if the transfer is approved, monies will be reissued to the new institution. Find out how to submit form.

Request a Change in Budget, Carry Forward or a No-Cost Extension

Requesting any of these changes requires approval from the American Lung Association

Requests for a change in budget or a carry-over must indicate the amount, from what budget line and to what budget-line the monies are being applied and in the case of supply or equipment budget, all items must be itemized. Requests for no-cost extensions require all of the above information, as well as, a short summary of the planned work and accomplishments during the extension period  Request for no-cost extensions must be received by the American Lung Association thirty days prior to the award’s termination date. Find out how to submit form.

Submit a Final Summary Report

Download our Final Summary Report Form

Awardees are required to submit a final summary report no more than 60 days after the grant’s termination date. Find out how to submit forms.

Submit a Final Financial Report Form

Download our Cash Disbursement and Receipt Form

The financial officer of the sponsoring institution must submit a Cash Disbursement & Receipt form that details how grant funds were expended during the duration of the award. These reports must be submitted 60 days after the grant’s termination date. Find out how to submit form.

Submit a Volunteer Reimbursement Form

Download our Volunteer Reimbursement Form (only applicable to peer reviewers)

How to Submit Forms

All forms or requests must be submitted via email at