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American Lung Association Award and Grant Application materials are available through proposalCENTRAL at


American Lung Association-Airways Clinical Research Centers (ACRC):

Potential applicants must submit an LOI to the ALA on proposalCENTRAL by October 1, 2015. Mid-November LOI outcomes will be emailed to all applicants. Those selected to move forward will have until December 30, 2015 to submit a full application. 

Awards and Grants Program:

October 1, 2015: Lung Cancer Discovery Award (LCD) LOI Due; Cure Lung Cancer in Women LOI Due

November 15, 2015: LOI outcomes emailed to applicants

December 16, 2015: Awards and Grants Applications Due 

March 2016: Peer Review Committee Meetings

June 2016: Outcome notifications emailed to applicants

July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017: Award Period


While eligibility varies by award type, the following requirements apply to all grants:

Candidates must be United States citizens or foreign nationals holding one of the following visa immigration statuses:

permanent resident (Green Card),

exchange visitor (J-1),

temporary worker in a specialty occupation (H-1B),

Canadian or Mexican citizen engaging in professional activities (TN),

Australians in Specialty Occupation (E-3 visa)

temporary worker with extraordinary abilities in the sciences (O-1)

Lung Health Dissertation applicants may hold a student (F-1) visa.

Candidates must be employed by a U.S. not for profit institution.

Candidates are only allowed to submit 1 application per review cycle. Applicants who apply for more than one grant or award will forfeit any chance of funding.

It is strongly recommended that applicants fully read through the program descriptions and application guidlines to determine eligibility for an award and to ensure accurate preparation of an application.

Applicants that are ineligible for a particular award, or who do not follow the instructions provided, will be disqualified. 


Technical questions – contact proposalCENTRAL at or 1-800-875-2562

Questions on the Awards and Grants program, email