ProTeam Partners with American Lung Association to Improve Indoor Air Quality


Through the Health Partners program, the American Lung Association works with corporations that share the values and goals of the organization.

One longstanding Health Partner is ProTeam®, a leading manufacturer of high-performance, high-filtration vacuums, including the backpack vacuum—the innovation that made the company famous. For nine years, ProTeam and the American Lung Association have worked together to educate businesses about creating cleaner, healthier indoor environments for employees, customers and occupants.

Overall impact on healthy air has been a design priority for every ProTeam vacuum since the company kicked off in 1987. With the innovation of the lightweight backpack vacuum, workers could utilize a cleaning tool that allows for greater efficiency and ergonomic comfort, while getting a faster and deeper clean.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency data shows that indoor air pollutants that worsen asthma and allergies can be up to five times higher than outdoor levels. In all, asthma costs the U.S. $56 billion annually in direct health care costs and lost productivity.

Today, ProTeam continues to focus on design innovation as a key component to a green future. Billions of square feet are cleaned every day. ProTeam thinks that cleaning should focus on improving indoor air quality and lung health. The company now offers HEPA- and ULPA-filtration vacuums to trap the smallest harmful pollutants.

Since the introduction of the ProTeam backpack vacuum, the company has focused on education as a core business philosophy. ProTeam believes everyone—from a company CEO to on-the-ground staff—should understand how cleaning affects health, and how to improve the process for efficiency.

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