About Donations

Your donation to the American Lung Association goes toward research, directing public policy, and patient support and lung health education programs that help participants prevent or manage lung disease and illness, quit smoking and spread awareness.

Why Support the American Lung Association?

We support basic and clinical research through training and seed grants for researchers in the early stage of their careers. These talented scientists have furthered their careers in academia and lung research and significantly impacted the fight against lung disease. Learn more.

Raise Your Voice: Advocate!Public Policy and Advocacy
Our nationwide lung health legislative network, along with state and local volunteers, advocate for lung health-related policy initiatives. Your contributions support this important work and enable us to release our signature policy reports, State of Tobacco, State of the Air and provide testimony to government about lung health issues. Learn more.

Please Consider an Online DonationSupport and Education Programs
We offer support and education for an array of lung-health issues, including lung cancer, asthma, COPD, and quitting smoking. Your contributions allow us to provide programs through multiple channels, including in-person, via phone or chat with our Lung HelpLine, and completely virtual. Learn more about our programs and quitting smoking.

Before You Donate

American Lung Association Is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Charity

As a Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance Accredited Charity, we value financial accountability and are committed to transparency with our donors and the general public.