Better Breathers Club –  As a trained facilitator, you will have the opportunity to partner with the American Lung Association in providing educational and support sessions for adults living with lung disease in your community. 

Why start a Better Breathers Club?
In the U.S. alone, over 26 million adults have a chronic lung disease such as COPD, asthma, pulmonary fibrosis or lung cancer. Because these chronic conditions do not have a cure, people need to learn how to manage living with their lung disease. Better Breathers Clubs help by providing patient-focused, community-based educational opportunities and support.

These support groups offer a welcoming venue for people with COPD or another chronic lung disease who often feel alone and isolated. Together, members learn the skills that help them manage their condition and improve their quality of life, encouraging them to get out of the house and become more active.

How does it work?
Better Breathers Clubs meet regularly for one to two hours to provide support, education and socialization to people with COPD or another chronic lung disease, their family members and their caregivers. A facilitator coordinates and oversees the meetings, brings in featured speakers, and collects information and feedback from the participants.

Members themselves can provide ideas for meeting topics, organize communication networks, and even help plan special events. And an American Lung Association staff person provides ongoing support to the group.

How do we start one?
A Better Breathers Club can be started by a health professional, a community organization or by patients themselves. All you need to do is contact your local American Lung Association and ask for help to get started. Once you have identified a facilitator, you can decide where and how often your club will meet; how many participants can be accommodated; and any special focus your club may have.

Learn more about Better Breathers Clubs or locate an existing club in your area.

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Freedom From Smoking – Learn more about offering this gold standard adult tobacco cessation program to your community.  You can order materials online, register for a training, access the facilitators’ website and MORE…

The American Lung Association of the Mountain Pacific partners with organizations and individuals to provide this leading adult smoking cessation program.  Freedom From Smoking has been available in communities for over 30 years and provides individuals with the information they need to quit for good.  The curriculum is available in English and Spanish.
Learn more about Freedom From Smoking.

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Previously trained FFS facilitators may purchase materials online and access the FFS Facilitator’s Resource Center.

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The American Lung Association and the Environmental Protection Agency recommend that ALL homes be tested for radon.  Please test your home today.

Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer for non-smokers and kills approximately 22,000 Americans every year. This natural, radioactive gas rises from rocks and soil in the ground and seeps into homes and buildings through cracks in the foundation and walls. Radon is a gas you cannot see, smell, or taste.


The American Lung Association of the Mountain Pacific has test kits that can be purchased online for $14.00 (includes shipping/handling, laboratory results, and informational brochures).

The American Lung Association of the Mountain Pacific is working with a dedicated group of radon professionals to address raising education and awareness of radon as a serious public health threat.

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