Carrie Staats


Carrie has been an ALA volunteer for the last 3 years.  She works with a youth tobacco prevention program of the ALA in WI called FACT (Fighting Against Corporate Tobacco).  All of Carrie’s volunteer activities support the ALA’s goal to “eliminate tobacco use and tobacco-related lung disease.”

Carrie has actively been involved in the creative process of two statewide advocacy campaigns.  These have included the "Seven-Five-Ten" campaign to promote the start of Wisconsin's smoke free air law and a soon-to-be unveiled campaign focusing on other tobacco products (smokeless and spit tobacco).

To support this effort, she recruited over 20 of her classmates, completed 19 advocacy initiatives and conducted 5 legislative visits with her state elected officials. She has volunteered well over 100 hours to the ALA.    Carrie is currently serving her second term as a FACT Youth Board member.  Through her involvement she provides guidance and direction to the program.

Carrie is also serving her second term as the President of the Greendale FACT group.  She singlehandedly recruited over 20 new members to help her with her advocacy projects.  A teacher advisor at Greendale HS commented, “Designing and implementing FACT presentations to the Freshman Health classes, Carrie inspired many Freshmen to join the group and take an active role in involvement.  With these new members, Carrie nurtured their desire to be involved and groomed four freshmen to assume more responsibilities.”

Carrie’s main role as a volunteer has been to support the Program and Advocacy sides of the ALA.  She has been instrumental in educating and empowering her peers to prevent them from falling victim to the tobacco industry, thus impacting Wisconsin's youth smoking rates.  Her involvement in policy has led to the successful passage of Wisconsin's smoke free air law and an increase in the cigarette tax.

Carrie is always willing to “roll up her sleeves” and get things done.  Her involvement as a volunteer extends well beyond her programmatic and advocacy support.  She also has given her time to provide administrative support to the program coming in after her school day and even on her summer break.  Carrie embodies the ALA’s mission.  Her commitment to the ALA is unmatched.  Hands down she deserves this Volunteer Spotlight honor!

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