Amanda Schnoll

Amanda Schnoll is the friendly face at the front desk this summer.  She greets visitors to the office, answers phones and does clerical and other project work for the special events and mission team staffs. 

Amanda has been a volunteer at the American Lung Association in Wisconsin for two summers, working daily for 2 – 3 hours.  She came to us through the Volunteer Center and is the extra set of hands and feet we so highly value at a time when planning for two of our biggest events (Fight for Air Ride and Fight for Air Walk) is in full swing.   She’s also the “live” voice on the phone, helping callers and directing them to the resources they need, as well as freeing up the rest of the support staff for other responsibilities.

Amanda graduated this past June from University School of Milwaukee and, come Fall, will be attending the University of Vermont in Burlington.

We're happy to put Amanda in the spotlight for all her hard work and dedication to the Lung Association and our goals. Thank you, Amanda, for supporting us in our Fight for Air!


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