Aaron Lipski

Aaron Lipski saves lives for a living.  He’s a professional firefighter for the city of Milwaukee and has pulled his share of people out of burning buildings.  Aaron Lipski also saves lives in his spare time, by participating in the American Lung Association in Wisconsin Fight for Air Climb.  The 4th annual Climb will take place on March 17 at the US Bank Center in downtown Milwaukee, and Aaron has not only climbed the 1074 steps in full gear every year, but has also served on the Climb planning committee for three years. 

The Firefighter Challenge is a show all by itself, and everyone has a favorite team to cheer for.  It’s nothing short of inspirational to see 100+ firefighters from all over Wisconsin carrying 60-plus pounds of gear all the way to the top.

Aaron has helped grow the Firefighter Challenge from 49 firefighters on nine teams in 2009 to 22 teams and almost triple the number of firefighters in 2011.  That includes several teams of Explorers, students 14-20 years old involved in career exploration through hands-on experiences led by Milwaukee firefighters who volunteer during their time off.

 Last year the Firefighter Challenge raised over $25,000; Aaron’s teams alone have contributed over $3500 in the first three years.

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