Ben Kroll


Ben Kroll is one of Wisconsin’s youngest volunteers, but well on his way to becoming a shining star! 

He first became acquainted with the Lung Association by attending Camp WIKIDAS, Wisconsin’s camp for children ages 8-15 who are on daily asthma medications.  Ben’s camp experience was so positive that he wanted to do something to help more kids with asthma have the opportunity to attend camp.

He turned that desire into action by participating in the 2006 Asthma Walk.  This will be his fourth year walking on behalf of the Lung Association.  In that time, Ben has personally raised a total of $2,050 from 71 donors; his team has raised $6,552 and has grown to over 16 members.

We are grateful to Ben for his outstanding dedication to the Lung Association, and to his parents for making it possible for Ben to attend asthma camp and participate in the Walk.  Ben has been a valuable partner in the Fight For Air.


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