Volunteers in the Spotlight

Image of Lori Craig

Lori Craig

Lori Craig is an active Leadership Board Member with a passion for smoke free air.

Image of Volunteer

Ben Kroll

Meet one of our youngest volunteers, Ben Kroll!

Carrie Staats

Meet Carrie, who has been an ALA volunteer for the last 3 years!


Christine Kuerschner

For Christine Kuerschner, the fight against lung disease is very personal...Take a moment to read her story.

Randy Hoth

Randy Hoth

We're proud to put two-year Fight For Air Climb planning committee member, Randy Hoth, in the spotlight for his dedication to the Climb as both a volunteer and participant.


Amanda Schnoll

Meet Amanda Schnoll, a great volunteer and Office Assistant!

image for Jimy, Haley and Ryann Bohn

Jim, Haley and Ryann Bohn

Meet Jim, Haley and Ryann Bohn - volunteers for seven years!


Dave Jonasen

Meet Dave Jonasen - our Volunteer Photographer!


Aaron Lipski

Meet Aaron Lipski - Professional firefighter for the city of Milwaukee!


Beth Friedman

Meet Beth Friedman, AKA “Bootcamp Beth”, one of our Fight For Air Climb Participants


Liz Hoffmann

Meet Volunteer in the Spotlight Liz Hoffmann!


Dr. Ria Chiu

Meet our Asthma Camp Medical Director!

Pat Hillmann

Pat Hillmann

Meet our very own LUNG FORCE Hero!

Roman Skurek 90x90

Roman Skurek

He's 15 years old, in 9th grade at West Bend West H.S. and is one of the top fundraisers among firefighters in this years Fight for Air Climb! Meet Roman.

Sandy Helmin 90x90

Sandy Helmin-Clazmer

Meet Wisconsin's LUNG FORCE Hero, Sandy Helmin-Clazmer!

Keran Farrell 90x90

Keran Farrell

Meet Keran Farrell, successful Quitter and facilitator for the American Lung Association Freedom From Smoking® program!


Michelle Bertucci

Meet Michelle - a student intern for Wisconsin's Spark program!


Fred Muente

Fred Muente has been volunteering with the American Lung Association in Wisconsin for 21 years!


Chloe Spriggle

Meet Chloe Spriggle!