Spark - Sample Tobacco Free Campus Policy

1.0 - Introduction

The (XYZ college) acknowledges and supports the findings of the Surgeon General that tobacco use in any form, active and passive, is a significant health hazard.

The (XYZ college) further recognizes that tobacco smoke has been classified as a Class-A carcinogen.

The American College Health Association has adopted a NO TOBACCO USE policy and encourages colleges and universities to be diligent in their efforts to achieve a 100% indoor and outdoor campus-wide tobacco-free environment. (Position Statement on Tobacco on College and University Campuses, Nov. 2011)

In light of these health risks and recommendations, and in support of a safe and healthy learning and working environment, the (XYZ college) will implement the following 100% tobacco-free campus policy on (INSERT DATE).

2.0 - Definitions

For the purposes of this policy, tobacco is defined to include any lighted or unlighted cigarette (clove, bidis, kreteks), cigars, cigarillos, pipes, hookah products, and any other smoking product.

This also includes smokeless, spit or spitless, dissolvable, or inhaled tobacco products, including but not limited to: dip, chew, snuff or snus, in any form (orbs, sticks, pellet, etc.).

Nicotine products not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a smoking cessation product, such as e-cigarettes, are also prohibited.

3.0 - Exceptions

Nicotine replacement products approved by the FDA (patches, gum, etc.) are allowed on campus to support those in the process of quitting.

This policy does not apply to the practice of cultural activities by American Indians that are in accordance with the American Indian Religious Freedom Act, 42 USC, sections 1996 and 1996a.  All ceremonial use exceptions must be approved in advance by the Facilities Services Department.

4.0 - Statement of Policy

4.1 - Smoking or use of other tobacco products is prohibited on all campus grounds (including inside personal vehicles), college-owned or leased properties, and college-owned, leased or rented vehicles. This includes but is not limited to all college sidewalks, parking lots, landscaped areas and recreational areas; and at lectures, conferences, meetings and social and cultural events held on college property or grounds. Smoking is also prohibited in the interior of all buildings, college residences and dormitories.

4.2 - This policy applies to all faculty, staff, students, clients, contractors and visitors during and after campus hours.

4.3 - The (XYZ college) will not sell, market or promote tobacco products.

4.4 - All (XYZ college) staff and students are responsible for compliance and for advising visitors of the policy.

4.5 - Violations will be handled like other work rule or policy violations.