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Well, there are a number of ways you can take action and let your voice be heard.  Take a moment to learn how you can influence decision makers, develop relationships and make an impact in your community.  

Pick up the phone.  Who knew that a little phone call could make such a BIG difference?  It's true, when you pick up the phone and call your legislatures they actually do listen. 

Develop relationships.  Building relationships with your legislatures is very important.  To begin, start by volunteering.  Be there, be around.  Let your presence be known and eventually your voice will be heard.  Click here to learn more about the art of 'wooing' your legislature.   

Educate your decision makers.   As noted above, this can include: developing relationships, writing letters, calling decision makers, inviting policy makers into the community, volunteering or simply saying thank you. For more ideas on how to educate your decision makers and additional resources, please click here.   

Write a letter to the editor.  The topics could range from numerous studies such as; smoke-free economic impact, program funding or protecting kids from new tobacco products.  Letters to the editor can also act as an informative tool for the public.  Templates for letters to the editor can be found here