Bringing N-O-T Along

N-O-T LogoThe purpose of Bringing N-O-T Along is to increase the reach of N-O-T to youth populations disparately affected by tobacco through the development and piloting of population-specific youth program materials. The following addendums support providing culturally competent technical assistance and training for facilitators and others working with youth cessation to ultimately increase the reach of youth cessation programs to reduce tobacco related disparities.

The CDC Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs recommends that more intensive interventions that provide social support are effective. Addressing modifications for specific populations supports this strategy. Project collaborators were guided on appropriate methods for adapting model programs with fidelity.

The American Lung Association recognizes that the Bringing N-O-T Along adaptations to the curriculum and activities are not absolute or reflective of all populations and ethnicities. No two students are the same and no one solution will work for all students. Our expectation is that facilitators will use the addendums as a strategy to boost participation, enhance engagement of participants and increase the success of the N-O-T program, as well as continue to build relationships with students during the N-O-T program.