Better Breathers Club - Oshkosh, WI

Oshkosh Senior Center
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Fox Valley Respiratory and COPD Awareness

To register please call 920-203-8821 or send an email to:

Maria Munoz

Fox Valley Respiratory and COPD Awareness is a support group that offers community-based learning opportunities for those with respiratory disease, their families, and caregivers.

Better Breathers is a social gathering of people interested in understanding and living on a daily basis with chronic lung disease.

Area professionals speak on topics related to lung disease such as; medications, treatments, therapies, etc.

Goals of Fox Valley Better Breathers are:

  • To help reduce inpatient hospitalization stays and emergency room visits.
  • To provide education and skills needed to achieve the best quality of life given the severity of the disease.
  • To teach members and their families the basics of pulmonary self-care, including coping skills.
  • To introduce new concepts in the care and treatment of COPD/Respiratory related illnesses
  • To provide an opportunity for members to share ideas, experiences and solutions to common problems.

The main goal is to provide what is needed most by these people..a place to feel safe and secure and to openly speak with others struggling with the same type of disease.

Meetings are free, enlightening and fun! Members socialize over refreshments. Special parties and luncheons are occasionally throughout the year! These people know how difficult, anxious and frightening it can be to find out you have lung disease; they have successfully gone down the same road and are now enjoying life to the fullest! They all want the same things from life, to help, learn and live with lung disease. There is no need to go through this experience alone... We encourage you to join us for our monthly meetings!