Aurora Medical Center - Summit Better Breathers Club

Aurora Medical Center Summit
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Laura Grennier
Telephone 262-560-6151
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Aurora Medical Center - Summit Better Breathers Club is a new suport group reaching out to the communtiy to provide support, friendship and acceptance for individuals suffering from lung disease. Each month we will have a scheduled speaker on a wide variety of respiratory related health topics, time for questions, discussion and networking, and light refreshments. The goal of the Summit Better Breathers Club is to
1.Provide individuals with lung disease with the education and skills needed to achieve the highest level of functioning given the severity of the disease.
2.Teach members and their families the basic concepts and techniques of pulmonary self-care, including coping skills.
3.Introduce new concepts in the care and treatment options for people with chronic lung disease.
4.Provide and opportunity for members to share ideas and solutions to common problems on an ongoing basis.
5.Provide members with an opportunity to share the psychological and social benefits of group intervention and problem solving.
6.Promote awareness about warning signs and symptoms and when to seek help.
7.Review and reinforce any prior education about lung disease and its management.
8.Increase community awareness about the Better Breathers Club, COD and other lung diseases, and the work of the American Lung Association and health care workers.