Alvi's Awesome Lung Adventure

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Contact the Alvi Program Coordinator for information.

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Alvi’s Awesome Lung Adventure is an innovative, hands-on display and curriculum that increases students’ knowledge of their lungs and encourages positive lung health values.

Children who complete the lessons should be able to:

  • Understand how the lungs work.
  • Identify components of the human respiratory system.
  •  Recognize the various characteristics distinguishing healthy and diseased lungs.
  • Make informed decisions concerning lifestyle choices that affect lung health.

The exhibit and curriculum consist of five, 45 minute lessons that:

  • Incorporate an interactive teaching approach, utilizing group discussion, hands-on experiments and a role play activity.
  • Provide a vivid and accurate representation of the human respiratory system, visually enhancing the students’ ability to learn key lung-health concepts.
  •   Encourage parent participation and discussion through a letter of introduction and a collaborative take-home assignment.

Alvi’s Awesome Lung Adventure is designed for fourth and fifth grade students.  Exhibit kits are available for use, free of charge, in select Wisconsin counties. 

Please contact the Alvi Program Coordinator for information regarding availability in your area at 262-703-4200 or email

Teacher's Curriculum Guide Information:

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Teacher's Guide Inside.

In addition to the curriculum guide, a website has been developed to further enhance the students’ learning experience of the respiratory system:

This program is made possible through a generous grant from Northwestern Mutual Foundation.