Active with Asthma Camp

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Active with Asthma is a fun, activity-filled day camp where children with asthma ages 8-12 learn to better manage and control their disease.

June 16-20, 2014
9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. | Bay View High School | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Trained medical and program staff will teach children about asthma, physical activity, medications, nutrition, how to avoid triggers, asthma action plans and more.

  • Open to children ages 8-12, diagnosed with asthma and taking daily medications.
  • Current vaccinations required.
  • Camp fee is $80. FREE breakfast and lunch are included. Scholarships are available, based on need.
  • Submit $20, along with the application form. Deposit will be refunded if child is not accepted.
  • Once accepted, a registration packet will be sent with dates, times, parent information and medical forms to be completed by you, your child and your child’s healthcare provider.

To apply, fill out the online application form or download and print a paper application and return it to the American Lung Association.

Interested in volunteering as a camp counselor or medical staff? Click here!

To help promote Camp, download the Active with Asthma poster here!

Questions? Contact us at 262-703-4200 or email


  • At educational sessions, campers learn what asthma is, how asthma attacks start, how they can be avoided, and how asthma can be better managed.
  • Campers learn the difference between medications they take to prevent attacks and the medications they take to help stop an attack.
  • Providing support for the families of children with asthma can be just as important as educating the campers themselves. A family session is scheduled on the final day of camp, where our medical director presents on asthma management and answers families’ questions.


  • Highly skilled doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists provide medical supervision and instruction at asthma camp.

Recreational Activities

  • Campers enjoy all-camp games, arts & crafts, exciting off-site field trips, and more.

Camp Objectives

  • The objective of asthma camp is to improve the physical condition and psychological outlook of children with asthma as well as to educate campers and their families about how to best manage their care. As a result of education during Camp, campers will be able to:

1.  Recognize the signs and symptoms of asthma
2.  Identify their personal triggers and learn how to eliminate or avoid them
3.  Identify the names, dosage and proper delivery of their asthma medication
4.  Know when to seek emergency medical help for an asthma episode
5.  …and more!

  • Continuing asthma management and education make a difference in the health of children with asthma. Our Lung Helpline provides year-round support to answer any questions campers and their families may have – free of charge.
  • Above all, children learn that they're not alone with their asthma and that there are kids out there just like them. Campers learn about their asthma in a friendly and welcoming environment without fear of being teased or feeling different.


Parent & Camper Testimonials

“My favorite part about Active with Asthma Camp was getting to go play and learn a little bit more about asthma.” – Jyniah

“My favorite part about Active with Asthma Camp was everything. I always have fun.” - Paighten

“Matt loves Camp. If the subject of camp comes up, he always has something to tell you that happened. Most of the time he is laughing so hard he can never finish the story. Every year his knowledge about asthma increases…Matthew looks forward to this camp every year. In fact, I have a calendar in our kitchen that has the date in it. Matthew already has [it] marked with the words Asthma Camp!"

“Other camps, they look at you like a deer in headlights – he needs to take his medicine, and stay away from allergens; here’s his inhaler – at Asthma Camp, Danny was just like everyone else.”

"[Alexis] seems a little more relaxed with carrying her inhaler. She knows that there are other kids out there that have [asthma] too...She seems to better understand why she needs her daily medication.”

For more information about Active with Asthma Camp, contact:

Katie Halverson
American Lung Association in Wisconsin