Wisconsin Student Asthma Inhaler Law

Asthma can kill if not treated immediately. There may not be time to access life-saving medication that is stored or locked away in a school office or health room.


On May 24, 2006, Wisconsin Act 398 was passed, allowing all Wisconsin school children with asthma to carry and self-administer their prescribed inhaled asthma medications. Prior to this time, the law only applied to students attending public schools. Act 398 extends this critical protection to children in private and parochial schools. In addition, the school cannot make a rule that goes against the law and is exempt from any liability from complying with it.

  • Parent Fact Sheet
  • School Fact Sheet
  • Health Care Provider Fact Sheet
  • Inhaled Asthma Medication Authorization Form

    Parent/Guardian and Physician Authorization
    A student must have written permission from his/her parent and physician to carry and self-administer inhaled medication. To help parents, schools and health care providers, the American Lung Association of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Asthma Coalition have created a standardized, customizable form
     to be used statewide. It can be reproduced and given to families of children with asthma. The form, which should be co-signed by the student’s parent/guardian and physician, must be kept on file at school.


    Learn more about Wisconsin Statute 118.291



    For more information on asthma and American Lung Association in Wisconsin asthma programs and events, call (800) LUNG-USA or visit the Lung HelpLine website at www.lunghelpline.org.