The American Lung Association in Wisconsin acknowledges the direct link between disease, disability and death and the use of tobacco products. We acknowledge the scientific evidence that tobacco is not only destructive to the health and well being of its users, but that it also is highly addictive and that most smokers find it extremely difficult to quit. We also acknowledge the scientific data that demonstrates 80 percent of all smokers begin smoking before reaching the age of 18, the legal age to smoke.


We acknowledge the scientific evidence that tobacco use harms not only the smoker, but the non-smoker as well, through involuntary exposure to the toxins in environmental tobacco smoke.

The American Lung Association of Wisconsin believes that the tobacco industry has been involved in a decades-long campaign of deceit and illegal activities, deliberately covering up information regarding both the danger and the addictive nature of its products. We believe they also have deliberately marketed their products to underage users in an attempt to recruit more smokers to a lifelong addiction to their products.

We believe the tobacco industry has consistently and continuously opposed legislation and/or governmental control and oversight of its products on all levels of government and in the courts, in an attempt to continue to market and distribute their products in as unrestricted a fashion as possible.

As such, the American Lung Association of Wisconsin pledges to:

  • Support legislation that appropriates sufficient (based on recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control) funding for a statewide, comprehensive tobacco control program. This program should include funding for counter advertising and marketing, cessation, community intervention programs and surveillance.
  • Support legislation that prohibits smoking in public places, including restaurants, workplaces and public accommodations.
  • Support legislation that increases the price of cigarettes, as price is a proven deterrent to youth smoking, and limits package quantity to no fewer than 20.
  • Support legislation that allows local units of government to enact laws that are stricter than state law, and oppose legislation that pre-empts localities from doing so.
  • Support legislation that prevents youth access to tobacco products, including frequent compliance checks of retailers and merchant assisted sales of all tobacco products.
  • Support the federal Food and Drug Administration’s full regulatory authority over tobacco products. This includes manufacturing, labeling, distribution, advertising, sale and marketing.