Public Policy Position Statements

The American Lung Association in Wisconsin is dedicated to the Fight For Air.  Below you'll find our position statements on asthma, tobacco and environmental health and can read more about the intiatives we support.


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The American Lung Association in Wisconsin acknowledges asthma is a life-threatening obstructive lung disease that affects people of all ages, races and nationalities. It affects 17 million Americans, including 5.3 million under the age of 18. » More

Environmental Health

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The American Lung Association of Wisconsin acknowledges the impact of poor air quality on lung disease, especially those with asthma and other acute or chronic lung diseases. We acknowledge that poor air quality also poses a serious threat to everyone, especially the elderly and young children. » More


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The American Lung Association in Wisconsin acknowledges the direct link between disease, disability and death and the use of tobacco products. We acknowledge the scientific evidence that tobacco is not only destructive to the health and well being of its users, but that it also is highly addictive and that most smokers find it extremely difficult to quit. » More