Cigarette Tax

Our efforts to increase the cigarette tax in Wisconsin came to fruition in 2009 after a poor economy and budget deficit encouraged lawmakers to pass the bill. 

  • The 2009 state budget included a 75-cent increase in the cigarette tax, bringing Wisconsin's tax to $2.52 per pack. 
  • Almost 90% of all regular smokers take their first cigarette before the age of 21 and studies show that one of the most effective deterrents to youth smoking is to raise the price per pack. 
  • The same is true for adults as increased prices encourage smokers to cut back or quit their smoking habits. 
  • Wisconsin's tax increase follows on the heels of a 62 cent increase in the federal cigarette tax in 2009, and an additional $1.00 state increase in the 2007 budget, bringing the cost of a pack of cigarettes in Wisconsin up to $6.00 to $7.00 per pack.