Tobacco Control

Every day, 45 youths in Washington become life-long smokers...

Since most people who smoke become addicted by the age of 18, tobacco use is considered a children's disease.

The American Lung Association® is working with youth to prevent them from starting to smoke.

The American Lung Association® works hard every day to reduce the number of youth in our state who smoke. We work to prevent disease and help people live happy, healthy lives.

"My mom smoked while she was pregnant, both parents smoked growing up, and I started when I was young - a teenager. I tried quitting, but couldn't. I'd quit other addictions, but couldn't stop smoking.

When my mom was sick and in the hospital, I got to take care of her. I was glad for that time to talk with her, say I'm sorry for my teen years and hear her apologies. My mom got to meet her grandchildren, but she didn't get to watch them grow up. I had my baby with me in the hospital while I was with mom. I made cereal for my youngest, and fed half to my baby and half to my mom. That was her last meal.

It took me a long time to get over losing my mom. I still miss her daily. But I want her to know I finally quit smoking" - Tamar

Please visit the Washington Department of Health's Youth Prevention Program

 To find smoke-free housing in Washington, visit our Smoke-Free Housing Locator



The American Lung Association is proud to support Strong for Surgery in its mission to educate clinical staff and patients about the added risk smoking contributes to negative surgical outcomes (e.g., surgical site infections, hospital readmissions) and to provide information about smoking cessation options. Learn more about this evidence-based program here.