Air Quality

We breathe about 35 gallons of air each day, that's over 20,000 breaths.

For many days of the year we are breathing air at home, work or play that is filled with tiny fine particles. Some are toxic to our health.

We can't be sure we are getting clean healthy air into our lungs. Invisible pollutants fill the air each day. Our weather plays a major role in determining whether those fine particles settle and stagnant in our neighborhoods or disperse through wind and rain.

The major causes of air pollution in Washington come from vehicles, boats, wood stoves, wood burning fireplaces, outdoor fires (e.g. agricultural burning), and gasoline-powered yard equipment.

"I feel a tightness in my chest and start to feel really bad when my asthma starts. This happens sometimes when I ride the bus. My mom drives me to school most days so she can make sure I am breathing okay." -- Jack, 10 years old


Top Tips for Improving Air Quality

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