Better Breathers Clubs

Better Breathers Clubs offer the opportunity to learn ways to better cope with COPD while getting the support of others who share in your struggles. » More

Freedom From Smoking

Since it was first introduced almost 30 years ago, the Freedom From Smoking® program has helped over a million Americans end their addiction to nicotine and begin new smokefree lives. » More

Open Airways for Schools

Open Airways For Schools is a proven-effective way to improve children's asthma self-management skills, decrease asthma emergencies, and raise asthma awareness among families and school personnel. » More

Workplace Wellness

Freedom From Smoking® teaches proven techniques and offers personal support to help your employees quit for good. » More

Community Resources

Find out about American Lung Association resources on quitting smoking, lung disease, and asthma. » More

Become a Facilitator

To become a certified facilitator for an American Lung Association program, please click here to view our current list of certification course offerings. » More