Lung Association Kicks Off Healthy Air Campaign in Virginia

(August 30, 2012)

Clean air is essential for healthy lungs. The American Lung Association is leading public health efforts across the country with its Healthy Air Campaign to educate the public and convince our leaders that to protect our health, we need to clean up dangerous air pollution. Now that the campaign has officially launched in Virginia, we're looking for lung health supporters throughout the Commonwealth to get involved.

Air pollution - like ozone, the primary ingredient of smog, and particle pollution, such as soot - have very serious health effects. They can cause shortness of breath, asthma attacks, emergency room visits and hospitalizations, heart attacks, strokes, worsened chronic lung diseases, and premature death.

These pollutants are dangerous for all of us but children, the elderly, people with low incomes, and people suffering from diseases like asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes face the greatest risk.

The Clean Air Act has a long history of protecting our health by allowing us to cut these dangerous pollutants; it prevented 160,000 premature deaths in 2010 alone. But some members of Congress want to weaken the Clean Air Act, which could undo the progress that we've made and keep the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from limiting pollution in the future.

The Healthy Air Campaign will bring together public health groups, medical professionals, local leaders, and people like you to educate the public about the health impacts of air pollution, convince our elected officials to protect the Clean Air Act, and encourage the EPA to set strong new standards for some of the most deadly pollutants.

You can help! Share your story about why healthy air matters to you by contacting the American Lung Association in Virginia's new Healthy Air Coalition Coordinator, Laura Kate Bender, at or by phone at (202)715-3457.