Healthy Air Campaign Heads to Roanoke

(September 27, 2012)

Clean air is crucial for our health, especially for people with chronic lung disease. That's the message that American Lung Association staff took to Roanoke this month when they met with the Roanoke Better Breathers Club. The American Lung Association founded the Better Breathers Clubs to provide support and education to people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). The Roanoke club is one of eight in Virginia and hundreds across the country.

View the full list of Virginia Better Breathers Clubs.

Air pollution puts everyone's health at risk, but it's particularly dangerous for people with COPD. Too much particle pollution, ozone, or other types of air pollution can severely impact the quality of life for a COPD sufferer, and can even cause premature death.

Staff from the American Lung Association in Virginia gave a presentation to the Roanoke Better Breathers Club that highlighted the risks of air pollution, the benefits of the Clean Air Act, and the ways they could help keep our clean air protections from being weakened. The group had a lively discussion about the laws that protect our air and the importance of knowing just how much air pollution is in Roanoke.

The biggest take away? People who care about lung health and air pollution need to speak up and share their stories with their elected officials.

The American Lung Association will be speaking to other Better Breathers Clubs across Virginia in the coming months. Next on tap is a trip to Fredericksburg to meet the local club there, the Pulmonary Pals, on October 9th. This meeting will be an open house where staff working on various initiatives of the Lung Association will come together to educate the club about their work.


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