Freedom From Smoking

November 20, 2013 8:30 AM - November 21, 2013

American Lung Association in Utah
1930 South 1100 East Salt Lake City, UT 84106


About the Facilitator training program:

Freedom From Smoking® provides a supportive and structured approach to quit smoking. Based on the most recent research on addiction and behavior change, this medically sound program addresses the difficulties of quitting with a sensitive, encouraging style. The ultimate goal is to help individuals overcome their addiction and enjoy the benefits of better health.

Delivered in a small group setting (up to 16 people), participants receive support from their peers and personalized attention, which they would not get trying to quit on their own. And since no single cessation technique works for everyone, the program includes a variety of evidence-based cessation practices. To meet the needs of different learning styles, each session includes lectures, group discussions and skills practice. The program is delivered over the course of eight sessions.

During these sessions, participants are introduced to the following key stages:

    1. Preparation phase: laying the foundation for success
    2. Quit day: affirming the decision to quit
    3. Maintenance phase: providing skills and support to stay smokefree


Freedom From Smoking® works
Freedom From Smoking® is based on the proven addiction and behavior change models. The program offers a structured, systematic approach to quitting. It has a positive focus, with an emphasis on the benefits of better health. Because no single cessation technique is effective for all smokers, the program includes a comprehensive variety of evidence-based cessation techniques.

Evaluation studies have shown that individuals who participate in Freedom From Smoking®:

    • Experience immediate health benefits.
    • Learn to address the physical, mental, and social aspects of their addiction.
    • Are six times more likely to be smokefree one year later than those who quit on their own.
    • When used in combination with smoking cessation medication, up to 60% of participants report having quit smoking by the end of the program.

The benefits of providing the Freedom From Smoking® program at your workplace include:

    • Reduced long-term smoking-related illness, disability and associated costs.
    • Decreased absenteeism.
    • Access to the knowledge and support of the American Lung Association.