Paulette Wolfson

Paulette Wolfson, Houston Leadership Council member, has been a volunteer with the American Lung Association since 2006.  She was named Volunteer of the Year for the Houston Leadership Council and has served as Leadership Council Chair. She is an environmental lawyer, and her interest in the Lung Association stems from her concern for air quality in Houston and her support of the Lung Association’s efforts to help people stop smoking.

Paulette organized and raised over $1,100 for the American Lung Association through her i ♥ lungs event, Tennis at The Met. Paulette has participated in the Houston Climb and she learned about the i ♥ lungs program at a Leadership Council meeting and thought it was a great idea because it allowed her to raise money for the Lung Association, have a great time and let folks know more about our mission. She mentioned the idea of her i ♥ lungs event to friends with whom she plays tennis. Her tennis partner belongs to the Metropolitan Club of Houston and she contacted the tennis director who thought it was a great idea to sponsor the event.

Paulette writes, “It seemed like a natural event because you certainly need to be able to breath to play tennis.”
Paulette did an amazing job securing sponsors and donations to cover the costs of the event so all registration fees and donations went directly to the Lung Association, including:
  • The Met generously hosted the event at no cost.
  • The Fresh Market donated water and fruit.
  • Sports Authority donated prizes and discount coupons.
  •  Hue Hair salon donated certificates for participants to bid on, raising additional funds.
  •  Betsy Spomer and Nina Springer donated tennis balls.

Participants ranged in age from 15 to 75, and everyone was a winner, receiving a goodie bag and a medal for participating.

We would like to thank Paulette for all her hard work and dedication to our organization and for taking a hobby she loves and turning it into a successful i ♥ lungs event.