Darcy Ellefson

Asthma Educator

We'd like to recognize Darcy Ellefson for her dedication to asthma education and to the mission of the American Lung Association in South Dakota.  Darcy is a Registered Respiratory Therapist & Certified Asthma Educator at Sanford Health and a great volunteer.

Darcy uses her creative skills and background in respiratory therapy to come up with a fresh approach to Camp FAN (Fix Asthma Now) asthma education each year. This year’s educational program focused on “Real Asthma Control Every day” or familiarly known as "RACE." 

At camp, a race was held where each cabin was given a map to track their daily progress. Each educational activity moved the campers closer to the finish line while encouraging them to think about their asthma and work as a team to complete their task. Under Darcy's leadership, the children left camp with a greater understanding of their asthma and an increased knowledge of how to manage it. 

Not only has Darcy been a long-time volunteer at Camp FAN, she is also a strong advocate for lung health issues.  Darcy works with us to support legislation or policies that improve the quality of life for those with lung disease and on issues to protect the public from secondhand smoke; including the expanded smoke-free law. We are also able to expand the reach of programs like Asthma 101 because of committed volunteers like Darcy. 

Thank you, Darcy, for your hard work and support.  We're thankful to have a volunteer like you!

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