Brittanie Venard

We’re proud to put Brittanie Venard in the spotlight for her support of the Lung Association.

Brittanie is currently working to recruit participants, sponsors and donors for our Fight for Air Walk, Respiratory Rally, and Camp Fix Asthma Now (FAN). She also holds the title of Miss Lake Alvin and will be attending our Fight For Air Walk and Respiratory Rally to meet and greet with participants. Brittanie mentions her grandmother as the reason for her advocacy work:

After losing my grandmother to lung cancer induced by many years of smoking, I have dedicated a large portion of my life to promoting cancer awareness and anti-tobacco actions. This coming June, I will be vying for the title of Miss South Dakota 2012. My platform goes much deeper than something worth advocating for, it is a true passion of mine. With my platform, I have been busy speaking to various service organizations and other institutions about my platform, and experiences with cancer. Working with the American Lung Association has carved a pathway for me to help promote research, education, and advocacy. I am proud to be working with the American Lung Association in South Dakota promoting clean, tobacco free air and healthy lungs.

Brittanie is also developing a campus fundraiser at South Dakota State University to benefit the American Lung Association in South Dakota.  

Thank you, Brittanie, for being a part of our Fight for Air!

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