Cultural Diversity

The American Lung Association values cultural diversity as essential to achieving its mission. This nationwide organization will encourage and promote the participation of all people, regardless of race, gender, creed, age, sexual orientation, national origin, and disability. The disproportionate impact of lung disease on communities of color and other under-served communities makes diversity both a moral and mission-driven imperative. 

In addition to already established policies which address diversity and inclusiveness, the American Lung Association has taken the following actions towards our goal of diversity and inclusion:

  • At the local and national levels, the ethnic/cultural mix of American Lung Association staff, boards, and volunteers shall approximate the demographics of the community.
  • Programs and activities of American Lung Association shall be appropriate and culturally sensitive to diverse audiences.
  • Vendors from culturally diverse communities shall be identified and considered in all local and national American Lung Association purchasing opportunities including but not limited to bid solicitations by American Lung Associations.