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Smokefree Housing in Oregon

The Portland-Vancouver Metro Area Smokefree Housing Project was a successful collaboration of the American Lung Association in Oregon, Clackamas County Community Health, Clark County Public Health, Multnomah County Health Department and Washington County Health & Human Services. The project was active from 2006-2010 and worked to protect renters from secondhand smoke in their homes by increasing the number of smokefree rental properties in the four-county Portland-Vancouver Metro Area. In fact, there was a 29% increase in the availability of smokefree rental units in three years!

Read a case study of our project that was featured in the January 2011 edition of the CDC's Preventing Chronic Disease Journal.

Thanks to the American Legacy Foundation, Northwest Health Foundation, Oregon Public Health Division, Community Choices 2010 and Steps to a Healthier Clark County (WA) for their financial support of this project.

Visit our online Smokefree Housing resource for both landlords and tenants:!

Oregon Tobacco-Free College Initiative

The American Lung Association of Oregon and its partners have worked with community colleges statewide to address tobacco use and secondhand smoke on campus through comprehensive tobacco-free policy, education, and cessation support. The goal of this initiative was healthier and more accessible learning and work environments for college students, staff, faculty, and visitors.
Visit our partner website for resources for college policymakers and for students, staff, and the public.
View our "How to" Guide for Making Your Campus Tobacco-Free.

Oregon Tobacco-Free K-12 School Policy

All Oregon K-12 schools are required by Oregon Administrative Rule 581-021-0110 to be 100% tobacco-free. Smoking and all other forms of tobacco use by anyone is prohibited everywhere and at all times on school grounds, in school vehicles, and at school-sponsored activities. Students may not possess tobacco products on school premises. Each school district is required to have in place policies and procedures to implement and enforce the tobacco-free rule.

Oregon Head Start Tobacco-Free Policy

All Oregon Head Start Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) Programs are required by Oregon Department of Education (ODE) policy to be 100% tobacco-free. Tobacco use is prohibited by everyone at all times on all Head Start premises, in Head Start vehicles, and at Head Start-sponsored events. Staff and volunteers may not use tobacco within sight of participants near Head Start premises or events, and may not bring the smell of smoke on their clothes into the Head Start center.
In partnership with the Oregon Head Start Association, ODE, and local county health departments, the American Lung Association in Oregon worked with Oregon Head Start programs in adopting comprehensive policies as well as other strategies to reduce tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure.

Model Tobacco-Free Environment Policy

View a model tobacco-free environment policy (endorsed by the Oregon Head Start Association and the American Lung Association in Oregon), which meets and exceeds the ODE policy requirements.


Learn about the National American Lung Association’s Tobacco Control Advocacy Efforts