Lynda Hullstrung

Lynda Hullstrung has served as a Board Member for the American Lung Association in New York (and its predecessor organizations) for over ten years.  She currently serves as the association's Treasurer.   As a certified public accountant, Lynda has played an invaluable role in the association’s financial management and has spent countless hours ensuring that our charter’s accounting and finances remain in order. 

However, Lynda’s contributions to the Lung Association go well beyond reviewing budgets and crunching numbers. By helping to spearhead a successful effort to make train platforms in New York smokefree, Lynda has been one of the greatest advocates for our mission.

After being consistently offended by the amount of secondhand smoke she was forced to breathe in while waiting to board her Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) train, she approached our advocacy staff and asked if anything could be done about it.  This simple question led to legislation being drafted and introduced in the New York State legislature to put an end to the practice of smoking on train platforms.  After three years of intense lobbying, the bill prohibiting smoking on all MTA-operated platforms in the state was signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo earlier this year and went into effect November 13.

 As a result of Lynda’s connection to our mission and her desire to help us realize our vision, millions of commuters on the LIRR and Metro North train lines are now able to enjoy smokefree train platforms.    We are not only grateful to Lynda for all the professional expertise she’s brought to the Lung Association through the years, we’re grateful that she shared an idea with us that will no doubt improve the lives of many New Yorkers. Thank you Lynda.