Douglas MacNeil

Doug MacNeil is committed to raising funds for the Lung Association because he wants to do something to help those suffering from lung disease.  Over the years, Doug's family has been especially hard hit by lung diseases. Several of his family members suffered with severe and often debilitating asthma and his dad suffered through a very severe pneumonia while in the Army which left his lungs heavily scarred. Two of Doug’s grandparents died from emphysema and his mom is now battling interstitial lung disease.  As a child, Doug himself had two bouts of pneumonia and suffered from asthma that is now, fortunately, under control.  Although his lungs are in good shape, Doug knows that those who are struggling with lung disease need help.

And that's why he's participating in the American Lung Association's  upcoming "Fight for Air Climb" fundraiser in New York City. At this event, hundreds of people from the New York metropolitan area and beyond will climb 850 steps to the top of the World Financial Center to support the Lung Association.  Additionally,  Doug is also going to try something which will truly put him to the test this year in his own "Fight for Air Climb" where he will attempt to climb to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa, nearly 20,000 ft above sea level.  Attempting to climb Kilimanjaro will be extremely challenging, only 40% of climbers reach the peak.  It will require hiking 60 miles and climbing nearly 15,000 feet from the base to the peak, where there is only 49% as much oxygen as at sea level.

Doug works at Merck, a pharmaceutical company dedicated to discovering new medicines to improve human health, and has reached out to his colleagues and asked them to donate to the American Lung Association to support his climb.  He has also asked for support from his personal and professional LinkedIn contacts, selectively sending personalized emails.    He has been keeping a blog detailing the how and why of his trip to Africa, which he shares with folks to, hopefully, give them a sense that they are part of both the fundraising and climbing efforts.

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