Journal News (Letter to the editor): Hayworth fights for clean air law

(October 2, 2011)


I am so very grateful U.S. Rep. Nan
Hayworth, R-Mount Kisco, cast her vote on
the side of clean air and improved lung
health by voting against the Transparency
in Regulatory Analysis of Impacts on the
Nation Act — the TRAIN Act. Despite
growing House support for industrial
smokestacks over public health, Rep.
Hayworth recognized that gutting the Clean
Air Act would not serve to strengthen our
ailing economy. Instead, she acted to
protect Hudson Valley residents from
having to shoulder an even greater health-
care burden as the result of weakened
clean air protections.

Hudson Valley residents can ill afford to
see the Clean Air Act weakened. Dutchess,
Orange, Westchester and Putnam counties
all received F’s in the American Lung
Association’s most recent State of the Air
report for their number of high ozone
pollution days. Rep. Hayworth was right to
vote against a measure that would further
tighten the deadly grip pollution has on our

While Rep. Hayworth stood as a minority
among her House colleagues in
Washington, her courage to prioritize public
health over the wishes of big oil and energy
lobbyists proves she is in the people’s
corner. We can only hope her example
carries over to the Senate. For the sake of
all New Yorkers’ health, the TRAIN Act
must ultimately be defeated.

Dr. Irwin Berlin
White Plains
The writer is board chair, American Lung Association in New York.