Batavia Daily News (Letter to the editor): Lung Association supports new regs

(June 8, 2010)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010 10:15 AM EDT


The American Lung Association in New York supports the state Department of Environmental Conservation's proposed new regulations to restrict the use of outdoor wood boilers throughout the state ("Farm Bureau opposes new outdoor boiler regs," story, June 2). These devices emit dirty pollutant-laden air that hinders people's ability to breathe and can cause serious health problems. The new regulations are sorely needed if we are to improve air quality and protect all New Yorkers' health.

The smoke produced by outdoor wood boilers contains unhealthy amounts of particulate matter. High levels of fine particles in the air have been linked to premature death in seniors, lung cancer, asthma attacks and heart attacks in those with preexisting disease. Failure to enact reasonable restrictions on the use of these devices would come at the expense of public health.

According the Lung Association's 2010 State of the Air Report, more than 12 million New Yorkers live in counties where unhealthy air threatens their lives and health. The Lung Association looks forward to working with the DEC to ensure the most protective public health regulations are implemented so that all New Yorkers can enjoy cleaner air and breathe easier.

Scott T. Santarella
President and CEO
American Lung Association in New York