WNED Buffalo: Buffalo-Niagara Air Pollution Remains High

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Chris Caya 2011-04-27

The American Lung Association's 12th annual State of Air report lists the Buffalo-Niagara region among the most polluted metro areas nationwide for short-term particle pollution.

"Long-term exposure to air pollution could lead to things like cancer and other lung disease," said American Lung Association in New York Vice President Michael Seilback.

The report gives Erie and Niagara Counties an "F" for ozone pollution.

Seilback says people with asthma and other lung disease are more susceptible to air pollution, along with the elderly, children and the poor.

"It's all in our best interest to make sure that we're reducing air pollution," said Seilback.

"We know that Clear Air regulations are leading to healthier lives."

More than half of the state's residents are exposed to air quality with a failing grade.

"Now is not the time to be rolling back (Clean Air effort); now is the time to actually be moving forward," said Seilback.

"We're calling on the public to join us."

Local air quality information is here.