Penfield Post: Monroe County receives "F" grade in State of the Air report

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April 27, 2011
By Erinn Cain, staff writer

Messenger Post

Rochester, N.Y. —

The American Lung Association has released its 2011 State of the Air report, and has given Monroe County an “F” grade for high ozone days.

Wayne County received a “D” grade, and Ontario County did not receive a grade because it does not have ozone or particle pollution monitors. The state and the Environmental Protection Agency decide where to place monitors.

Monroe County received a passing grade for annual particle pollution. For year-round levels of particle pollution, annual average levels calculated by the EPA are used.

To improve grades, the American Lung Association suggests driving less, using less electricity, supporting community measures that cut air pollution, telling local and state officials to take steps to clean up air pollution, and contacting the EPA about the need for tighter ozone and particle pollution standards.

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