Mid-Hudson News Network: Ulster health director has ozone on his agenda

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April 28, 2011

KINGSTON – Ulster County’s “C” grade on the annual American Lung Association survey of counties is a result of a number of factors, County Health Director Dr. Lamar Hasbrouck said Wednesday.

The Lung Association’s annual report said Ulster was the only Mid-Hudson County that did not fail for ozone. Dutchess, Orange, and Westchester were all graded with an “F” for ozone levels.

Hasbrouck told MidHudsonNews.com having acceptable ozone levels can be traced to location.

“I think that it’s probably related to the proximity to metro areas. It might be related to population density in the county, traffic, trends, industry; many things that are largely out of our control,” he said. “But the health department has been working with the community planning council to really put the ozone issue on the agenda.”

Westchester had the highest number of ozone alert days in the region, according to last year’s statistics, the most recent ones available.