Programs at a Glance


Smoke-Free at Home- A program initiative designed to help property managers, owners and tenants voluntarily increase the number of smoke-free multi-unit housing properties statewide. This initiative includes providing technical assistance and education to managers and owners on the financial and health benefits of implementing smoke-free policies. (Statewide)

N-O-T Not on Tobacco – A voluntary smoking cessation program that uses life-management skills to help teen smokers handle stress, decision-making, and peer and family relationships. (Statewide)

American Indian N-O-T Not on Tobacco- A smoking cessation program which addresses how American Indian youth are negativity affected by manufactured commercial tobacco. The N-O-T adaptation for American Indian youth contains some of the original content as the N-O-T core program, with additions and moderate changes designed to meet the American Indian cultural and health-related challenges caused by commercial tobacco. (Statewide)

Enhancing Care for Children with Asthma- A system change project utilizing a collaborative approach to implement new systems that support and sustain the adherence to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) asthma guidelines in partnering clinics.

Freedom From Smoking – A program designed to help adults quit smoking. This program offers a group support approach along with personalized attention from a trained facilitator. Individuals benefit from the support of their peers, who are going through the same stages of quitting at the same time. (Albuquerque area)

Freedom From Smoking Online- An Internet-based smoking cessation program available 24-7.  This program enables smokers to quit in the privacy of their own homes, and on a schedule that works for them. (Nationwide)

Open Airways For Schools- A school-based curriculum that educates and empowers children ages 8 to 11 with asthma about how to detect the warning signs of asthma, avoid their triggers and make decisions about their health. (Albuquerque area, Farmington)

Better Breathers Clubs- A support group for adults with chronic lung disease and their families.  The patient-focused, community-based group offers education on a broad range of disease management topics, and members receive and offer support and encouragement to each other. The Albuquerque group meets every third Thursday of the month at the ALANM office from 1pm-3pm. (Albuquerque)

Research – The American Lung Association Nationwide Research Program fosters both basic and clinical research designed to find cures and to prevent and relieve the suffering associated with lung disease. Our research program consists of direct grants for research and training of scientists, and a vigorous advocacy program designed to optimize federal support of lung research. (Nationwide)