Clean Air Action

A clean and protected environment is crucial to ensure good health. While nationwide environmental actions are being taken, this page is devoted to environment and healthy air iniatives taking place locally.

Healthy Air - New Mexico

The quality of the air we breathe affects each of us. Unhealthy air is hazardous to our families and can even threaten life itself. Learn What is being done to improve air quality and join the fight for clean air!

New Mexico Clean Air News!

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Steps To Repair Your Air

  • Reduce Your Petroleum Consumption
    Drive less, carpool, use mass transit, walk or ride your bike.
  • Be Smarter When You Fuel
    Stop at the click when refueling your vehicle. And visit gas stations after dark to keep harmful emmisions from creating ozone. 
  • Engines Off!
    Turn your car off when in park. This can save an average of one tank of fuel annually.
  • Make Your Lawn Even Greener
    Switch to an electric or battery-powered mower or mow late in the afternoon or evening
  • Skip the Burn
    Burning firewood or trash creates particulate pollution. rely on heat from natural gas or renewable energy instead.
  • Test for Radon
    Radon pollution is the second-leading cause of lung cancer. Testing and mitigation are solutions to reduce your risk.

Resources to Repair You Air

Local air quality conditions, alerts, and forecasts

Learn about your vehicles impact on air quality, as well as fuel economy and engine efficiency