Stand up for Big Sky Air!

For forty years, The Clean Air Act has saved lives by reducing levels of dangerous air pollutants. Recently, this vital public policy has been under attack by corporate polluters and some members of Congress. The Lung Association is coordinating a public awareness campaign in Montana to encourage the health community and concerned citizens to speak up, telling our leaders to support a strong Clean Air Act.
While most Montanans enjoy clean, healthy air, there are counties with unhealthy amounts of air pollution from particulates. The ALA’s State of the Air Report gave failing grades to Silver Bow and Missoula counties.
Air pollution also travels across state lines. Pollution comes into Montana from other states, especially from power plants. Since Montana can't force another state to stop polluting, only with the Clean Air Act and national standards can families be protected from neighboring states’ pollution.
Supporters of the Healthy Air campaign in Montana include:
•         Montana Nurses Association
•         Montana Society of Respiratory Care
•         Montana Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation
•         Riverstone Health
•         Montana Pharmacy Association
•         Montana Environmental Health Association
•         Montana League of Women Voters
•         Montana Association of Churches

We need your help to grow our support in Montana! If you are interested in learning more or know a Montanan who may be interested in this campaign, please contact Carrie Nyssen at Working together, we can save lives!