Juliette Travous

This fiscal year has been one of growth for the American Lung Association: growing our fundraising, growing our services to our communities and growing our volunteer committees. Juliette Travous is a volunteer who epitomizes this idea. 

Juliette’s venture with the American Lung Association began 12 years ago with a professional connection to our mission. As the manager of environmental services for the Parkway School District in St. Louis, she manages the workplace safety and workers compensation programs and the environmental and industrial hygiene programs. Juliette worked with Susannah Fuchs, senior director of environmental health, on the Air Quality Committee, bringing the EPA's Tools for Schools Indoor Air Quality program to schools in St. Louis.

Five years ago, Juliette joined the St. Louis Leadership Council to expand her support of local efforts in lung health. Not only had her volunteer responsibilities evolved but so did her connection to our mission as Juliette experienced her first asthma attack at age 40.

Most recently, Juliette accepted the role of Asthma Committee Chair, working with St. Louis staff and leading committee members to achieve local advocacy, fundraising and program goals. She also presented at the St. Louis office’s annual United Way site visit, speaking about our mission, the importance of each implemented program and each program’s outcomes. As a contract agency with the United Way of Greater St. Louis, the St. Louis office must present program, administrative, finance and governance information to a United Way volunteer panel, proving worthy of their generous funding.

We are proud of Juliette’s growth with the American Lung Association, and we’re excited to grow with her!