Your Partnership with the American Lung Association

When you join the American Lung Association in the fight for healthy lungs and clean air, you help save lives today and keep America healthy tomorrow. Throughout our long history of dedicated service to healthy air and lungs, the American Lung Association has earned the support and dedication of those committed to overall health and wellness. Consumers demonstrate loyalty to a brand that partners with their charity of choice. We are that charity. This is your chance to be that brand.

Enhance Your Image
Consumers are more likely to view your brand positively when associated with an established and well-respected charity.

Get Noticed
Sponsoring an American Lung Association event allows you to extend your reach to families, individuals and businesses across the region.

Set yourself above your competitors and build employee and company morale by contributing to an important cause.

Grow Your Green Side
Clean air affects everyone; work with us toward a better future. Clean air means healthy lungs.

Stretch Your Advertising Dollar
The estimated value of each sponsorship level will far exceed your initial investment

Why Sponsor?
Non-profit event marketing is an excellent way to reach customers. With a sponsorship at an American Lung Association event, a corporation engages in customer-experience marketing that targets exactly the desired consumer base. The face-to-face exposure that comes with sponsoring an American Lung Association event provides a company with a hands-on, entertaining, and compelling branding experience that is unmatched by traditional marketing methods.

The programs and events that the American Lung Association offers allows you, as a sponsor, to hone in on your target audience.

Our Paticipants, Your Customers
American Lung Association event participants and donors are upper-income, well-educated, health-conscious, and civic-minded consumers.

Surveys* say 69% of consumers are more likely to buy a product associated with a well-respected charity.

86% of respondents recognize the American Lung Association as a source of health information.

By partnering with us, purchaser intent nearly tripled for major brands that featured the American Lung Association logo.