Vicki Lynn Klasell


Vicki Klasell is one of our most dedicated volunteers and we're proud to put her in the spotlight. She's attended every Lung Association event in the last year, volunteering and helping out in every way she can, including the Walk, Bike Ride, Wine Gala and Climb.

Not only does she come to these events with her passion and personal energy, she usually brings along her mother, Theresa Shepard, and together – they are quite the dynamic duo! It is volunteers like Vicki that make the American Lung Association events in Minnesota a great success.

She is a married and very active mother of four children ages 3 1/2, 7, 9, and a 24 year old sponsored child. She is a Registered Nurse and runs a Health and Wellness business.
Her involvement volunteering with the American Lung Association began because of her 7 year old son's asthma. She started with the Asthma Walk in 2006, and has continued with the Lung Walk, and the Fight for Air Climb.

She is passionate about Asthma Education and teaching parents about removing Asthma triggers from their homes to help their children breathe easier. The increase in asthma rates have made her concerned about the environment and the air that we breathe. She has also become involved in contacting legislators about supporting the Clean Air Act Amendment.

Thank you, Vicki, for your dedication to our organization and cause.  We appreciate your support and are so thankful to have a volunteer like you!