Michelle Christopher

Fight for Air Ride participant and top fundraiser!

We’re proud to put Michelle Christopher in the Spotlight for her amazing support of our Fight for Air Ride and for her inspiring story of courage as she fights her own lung disease.

In 2010, Michelle was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease called Polymyositis, an Interstitial Lung Disease, which almost took her life.  At her worst, she was down to 47% lung capacity and had to have help doing everyday things we take for granted, like brushing her teeth.

Michelle fought back and through proper management and a new understanding of her disease, she was able to get her lung capacity within normal range.  Michelle rode in the Fight for Air Ride last year to prove to herself that there was nothing to worry about and that she would defeat this disease.  She showed all of us and herself how strong she really is.

This year is a bit different.  The ride became longer and the disease has become active in her lungs again.  She is down to 60% lung capacity.  With her concern for not being able to participate in this year’s ride, we put together a special route for Michelle and named it “Michelle’s Miracle Mile.”  She will attempt to ride again this year and we’re certain her determination will help get her through.

“A simple breath is a luxury we often take for granted until we no longer have it,” explains Michelle.  “You don't know how blessed you are to have it until it's gone. I have this disease, but I REFUSE to let it have me...that's why I ride.” 

Michelle and her husband participated in the Ride last year and have grown to a team of 26 in 2011!  She held a fundraiser at her local Legion to awareness and her team collectively raised over $5,270 for the Fight for Air!

Thank you, Michelle, for your dedication to fighting lung disease and for your support of the American Lung Association. We’re proud to call you our friend and appreciate all you do for us.


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