Meet our caring volunteer - Jonathan Kuchera!

Jonathan believes in our mission and is the type of volunteer that is motivated by knowing how his work impacts the bigger project/program to make our community a better place.  Jonathan is incredibly reliable and very flexible;  generally volunteering weekly and shows up to provide support at American Lung Association events when needed.  He also loves the baked goods provided on those days he’s in the office!  Jonathon also volunteers at the United Way of Greater Duluth, the Duluth Public Library and the Citizen’s Federation. 

In his spare time away from volunteering, he does a lot of walking and really enjoys getting to know every nook and cranny of this city by foot!  During his adventures he picks up litter.  He especially likes to collect aluminum cans and turns them in to benefit Habitat for Humanity.  Jonathan has a great love for and knowledge of music and is incredibly well read.  He carries an infinite knowledge of historical facts and can typically “name that tune” in 10 seconds or less!

Many thanks to this caring volunteer, Jonathan Kuchera.